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Accordion Repairs

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Accordion Repairs


Accordions are reliable instruments , not many things can go wrong with them , however, when they do, its usually at the wrong place at the wrong time and needs repaired right away, Or , its a niggling problem that wont go away, like a growling note, or a key that just wont work properly .

Common problems that we "just get used too" are things like compression issues, air coming out of places they it never used to, for example, the bellows, or under the grill or in the bass section somewhere... or worse, you are finding you cant play as fast as you used to ,  your hand is getting sore playing it, you think its you (getting old),  there is a clicking noise from the keyboard that wasn't there when you bought it , or the bass section is squeaking when you push a note ... Don't worry they are all common problems the occur eventually in every accordion if they are not serviced regularly.


The good news is it can be fixed, and brought back to new again, just like it came out the factory .

Almost any accordion can be refurbished and repaired , any age , any condition.

The most important aspect of any repairer , is trust, finding a repairer who is on the level . I treat every accordion as if it was my own.

Type of Accordion Repairs

Most accordion repairs are possible on premises in the Glasgow workshop.

The type of repairs and servicing I complete on a regular basis are:

  • Tuning,

  • Reed replacement

  • Re-valveing (replacing reed leathers),

  • Physical repairs to damaged accordions,

    • Cracked Casings

    • Broken and bent bass rods

    • Pulled keys

    • Leaking bellows

    • Leaking accordions

    • Celluloid repairs

  • keyboard repairs (where the keyboard stops performing because of age and lack of servicing)

  • Keyboard action reduced

  • Keyboard speed improved

  • Broken mechanisms

  • Internal mechanical repairs

  • Compression problems corrected

  • Bass action improved

  • Full keyboard servicing

  • Oxidation removal (occurs when an accordion has been stored incorrectly)

  • Legacy Electronic wiring correctly removed

  • Cosmetic repairs to grills

  • Accessory repairs ( shoulder strap connectors, bass strap tensioner)

Pick Up and Delivery Service

I offer a UK wide pick up and delivery service. Locally I can pick it up personally , or if some distance away , a courier can be arranged to pick it up and drop it off. Courier costs start from as little as £15- £17 .


Borsini Superstar

This started as a  general service but gradually mushroomed into a major refurbishment

Crucianelli Baton TC

I  Received this accordion in a black bag , in pieces with parts missing.

This was eventually restored to factory standard , upgrading the keyboard action, new felts on the palate and retuned . This is a phenomenal accordion , and now plays like new .

Borsini PL (Professional Line).

This accordion arrived for a full service. A few problems were found when the accordion was stripped. Its now better than new , fantastic key action and the keyboard substantially quieter and faster than before .


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