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I also provide 1-2-1 mentoring services for players who have problems with performance anxiety and confidence issues.


Playing front of people and stage fright is a serious problem for some musicians. It can cripple a musicians ability to perform.

Many musicians can only play in the comfort of their own homes and never in front of friends and family. They are usually very good musicians, but lack the self confidence to play in public, on stage , on your own , in front of people


Unless you suffer from it , you don't know how bad it can actually be. This is prevalent to many players , who are amazing musicians but cant play out side their practice room or bedroom.

I personally suffer from stage fright and performance anxiety but have managed to control it over the years. There is no cure for it , just the tools to help manage it .

My job is to provide you with the tools to enable you to build enough self confidence, to achieve your goal. 

From a lifestyle point of view, dealing with the problem can be life changing , providing new found confidence and energy in personal, work and musical life.

The service is confidential , I mentor many people who go to other teachers and use, my services to augment their lessons.

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