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Accordion Tuition

I am an accordion tutor with many years experience. I have full Disclosure Scotland Security Clearance .

I am based in Glasgow, Scotland.
I provide accordion lessons on a one to one basis , class room environments and via Skype for those who cant travel or live quite a distance away.


Type Of Teaching

  • Piano accordion

  • Musical Theory

  • Second Box (harmony accordion) Chord progressions, Alternative harmonies,

  • Treble keyboard technique improvement

  • Bass keyboard technique improvement

  • Specialist teaching for players that play by ear.

I also do teaching workshops (Group, Band , or Orchestral) for those interested in improving technique , and their practice Ethos ...I also bring in Guest tutors , some UK champions and World Champions, providing insight to how they became successful and pass on their knowledge to you , providing practical , hands on classes (with your own accordion) or theoretical classes discussing the finer details of style of music, composition and "soloing " (pop, country, jazz, traditional etc)

I have had the pleasure of tutoring some fantastic players and people. Even though I have tutored UK accordion champions , many of them winning competitions, my teaching philosophy is the same for all pupils.


  • Have fun

  • Practice hard (you get out what you put in)

  • And HAVE FUN :-)

Learning a musical instrument for me, helps instil confidence in people , it shows with some hard work anything is possible and there are no limits to what you can achieve with hard work.

It also teaches how to take personal responsibility for you own actions, i.e., If you practice hard, you get better, if you don't, you cant blame anyone else .

Even if you are an experienced player , there is always room for improvement. I can show you ways on how to improve your technique , improve your abilities as well as make you a better all round player.

I tailor the classes to your requirements, whether is due to work commitments, you want one lesson per month, we do once per month, if you want a weekly lesson we can do weekly .

I prefer to sit with the pupil and work out a teaching plan with goals and structure which may start at once per week, go to once per fortnight , then once per month over time.

I also do intensive training , 2hrs slots to really push the pupil, especially if there is an event coming up, for example a competition , even though they don't come to me for lessons, I give intensive training for a period before the competition to make sure they are ready and able to compete at the highest level. Although not for the faint hearted, IT WORKS !

I Also provide 1-2-1 mentoring services for players who have problems with confidence , playing front of people and stage fright .

For a musician , Its almost crippling , not being able to play on stage , on your own , in front of people without being so nervous you cant play. Unless you suffer from it , you don't know how bad it can actually be.
This is prevalent to many players , who are amazing musicians but cant play out side their practice room or bedroom.

From a lifestyle point of view dealing with the problem can be life changing , providing new found confidence and energy.

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